PULP 2.0 | Post Consumer Vessels And Furniture

Pulp Jo MeestersPulp Jo Meesters

2007 | 2010

PULP started as a collection of interior design products made out of paper waste using discarded vessels as positive-image moulds. The collection is the result of a thorough research on new applications for paper waste by adding water resistant properties.

A mixture of shredded newspaper, glue and water is applied in several layers on the surface, dried, and finally cut into two removing it from the mould. The pieces are glued back together before applying the last layers of the PULP mixture. The inside of the vessel is then treated with an epoxy resin, leaving a strong and water resistant coating.

Since 2008, Studio Jo Meesters has been working on the project TESTLAB, experimenting on the rejuvenation and the reuse of discarded materials. Using the PULP Collection as a foundation, Studio Jo Meesters reinvented TESTLAB to create a series of paper furniture, researching the potential of paper pulp for furniture applications by upcycling cardboard panels and old newspapers. The PULP Furniture Collection consists out of a table, a chair, four pendant lamps and a cabinet. The material seemingly balances between structural and aesthetical qualities generating a robust and highly tactile result.

Images : Lisa Klappe

Pulp Jo Meesters Pulp Jo Meesters Lisa Klappe Pulp Jo Meesters Lisa Klappe PULP Jo Meesters Pulp Jo Meesters Lisa Klappe