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Realisme Art Fair 2012 | Amsterdam  19 - 22 January 2012

realisme jo meesters sophie maree

Realisme art fair, an event held each year in Mid-January celebrates Realism, the older and richer artistic tradition of Amsterdam by featuring only figurative art along with free lectures. Since Renaissance, the Dutch painters have been famous for their use of realism in their art. This art fair, held since 2003 at the New Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam is exclusively dedicated to the figurative arts of realism painters.

Realisme is the only one of its kind art fair which specializes in contemporary figurative art. During this event, thirty most prominent Belgian and Dutch galleries show and sell realistic art collections by international and Dutch artists. These galleries also sponsor workshops, demonstrations and lectures illustrating or exemplifying the methods of painting and drawing in a realistic style and manner. Realism art fair provides a platform to well-known as well as budding new talents, to showcase their artwork. Each year the outstanding figurative artist, selected by the jury is facilitated with a medal prize.

Realisme is an excellent and rare opportunity for art lovers to view figurative artworks from 30 top galleries, under one roof. During this event, Sophie Maree Gallery will represent Studio Jo Meesters' work together with artists Sabine Pigalle, Sebastiaan Straatsma, Christiaan Tagliavini and Yang YongLiang.

Realisme Art Fair 2012. Passengers Terminal Amsterdam. Piet Hein Kade 27. 1019 BR Amsterdam. Netherlands. Open daily from 11.00 - 19.00