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OUD = IN Design Studio | Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven 22 - 30 October 2011

OUD = IN Design Studio Dutch Design Week 2011 Studio Jo Meesters

Old = In Design Studio is a brand new and special collaboration between Design Cooperation Brainport, Cultuur Station, RE-U Designs, Design Academy Eindhoven and 10 designers. In preparation for the annual Dutch Design Week, 220 students from the St. Joris College had participated in workshops led by design experts, teaching the youngsters how materials can be used by a different way of thinking and thus can produce interesting new objects.

Encouraging young people to think creatively and consciously deal with things in their environment, this special collaboration  developed a teaching module consisting of stories, games and workshops within the themes of sustainability, design and reuse. In this way they are given a broad view of design and will eventually design an object using the knowledge they are given during the workshop.

The workshop is divided in different themes and materials and Studio Jo Meesters will be giving a workshop on paper. The result will be showcased during the Dutch Design Week.

OUD = IN Design Studio. Stadhuis. Stadhuisplein 1. 5611 EM Eindhoven. Netherlands.