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Made in Brainport | 6 Degrees Of Smart Society | Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven 22 - 30 October 2011

Made In Brainport Dutch Design Week 2011 6 Degrees

With 730,000 inhabitants and a workforce of 400,000, the Brainport Eindhoven Region has been the industrial centre of Holland for a long time. The city of Eindhoven alone generates €24 billion of GDP and €55 billion in exports. The new regional economic cluster Brainport assumes an influential position within the European cultural and economic top areas.

Due to the development of the creative economy, our social values and personal & professional relationships are changing. The 21st century demands a strong swarm society network for Brainport to present itself worldwide as the perfect location for innovative companies, national cultural facilities, knowledge centres, educational institutes and strong European economical clusters.

Zuzanna Skalska (VanBerlo design), curator of the fifth Made in Brainport exhibition, designed a new Brainport presentation based on the ‘Six degrees of Separation’. The top sectors in Brainport are: Hightech materials, Food, Automotive, Home, Care and Energy. These six top sectors are connected through the themes of Farming, Wellbeing, Technology, Environment, Craft and Local. These themes are divided into rational and emotional zones, which are illustrated by products, samples, movies and interactive technology that represent design companies, manufacturers, suppliers, brands, technology centres and education in Brainport.

Studio Jo Meesters' project PULP and the short film Die Ordnung is part of the theme Craft.

Made in Brainport | 6 Degrees Of  Smart Society | Dutch Design Week. Strijp S. Klokgebouw 50. 5617 AB. Eindhoven. Netherlands.