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Souvenirs Perdus D'Un Village Lointain | Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven 22 - 30 October 2011

Souvenirs Perdus D'un Village Lointain Studio Jo Meesters DDW 2011 Dutch Design Week

Nature and nomadic life dominate the narrative vocabulary of this brand new collection of Studio Jo Meesters. Each individual piece has a sense of comfort and warmth that captures a naturalistic refinement. The collection is mostly made from textiles, materials varying from biological cotton, mohair wool, merino wool, luminous and acrylic yarns and upcycled woolen blankets.

While travelling through Southeast Asia, Jo Meesters got inspiration from Vietnam with its colorful handcrafted folkloristic textiles and furniture. By transforming this inspiration with its traditional forms and techniques and shifting them towards a vital contemporary expression, a new series of interior products has been developed that crystallizes Studio Jo Meesters wit and interest in craftsmanship and mass production techniques.

The projects Neo Vanitas (room dividers) , Lycoperdon Pyriforme (floor cushions) and Aurelia Eichhornia (lamps) were developed in collaboration with Audax Tetiellab | Textile Museum Tilburg. Products depicting nature translated in industrial processes and trying to capture the beauty of nature within the home. This whole collection will be presented in an installation, a nomadic village near a distant future.

Souvenirs Perdus D’Un Village Lointain. 22 - 30 October 2011. Studio Jo Meesters. Kanaalstraat 4. 5611 CT Eindhoven. Netherlands.