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Couleur Locale | Budapest Design Week | Budapest 30 September - 09 October 2011

Budapest Design Week Jo Meesters

The exhibition Couleur Locale is being organised in Budapest, Hungary, in the Design Terminal building – a 400 square meter modernist landmark with glass walls, built in 1949, right in the heart of the capital. The opening event is on the 30th September, and will also function as the opening ceremony of Budapest Design Week.

The art terminus technicus originating from French romanticism serves as the slogan of Budapest Design Week this year referring to the unique features and design values of the country's visual culture. Local tones and colours following from our special Central European position and existence, values piquing the attention of the globalizing world. In contemporary design history, just like after World War 2, national identity has become an
important question. What is our cultural DNS like? What is our idiopathy, what is the colour we are adding to the entirety of visual and design culture? Many designers think that cultural and geographical background, history, local colours and traditions are the sources of inspiration authenticating their creative activities. Our visual and design culture is just as inalienable as mother tongue. And it is true for every nation. Our uniqueness, heterogeneity and oneness is being outlined in dialogues with other nations, we can conceive our idiopathy, our unique values through the extensive knowledge of foreign cultures. The most important increment of globalization can be that ideally it functions as a mirror that helps behold and recognize our own face.

Does the design culture of different countries have unique characteristics? Can we define unequivocally typical national features in 2011, in an irrelievably globalising world? We have tried to answer these questions with the help of the design experts of some thirty countries by selecting from the works created in the past three years. The answers arrived in the form of three objects per country representing a wide range of local colours. Visitors of Design Week's international opening exhibition can decide whether cultural and geographical background, history, couleur locale and traditions are sources of inspiration reflected in the work of contemporary designers in deed.

Featured Project : PULP

Couleur Locale. Budapest Design Week. 30 September - 09 October 2011. Design Terminal. 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet square 13. Hungary