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Basic Instincts | Berlin 30 June - 31 July 2011

Basic Instincts Jo Meesters

The exhibition Basic Instincts maps a range of ideas that originate in fashion, but border on and interact with other disciplines. The work of five leading Dutch fashion designers is linked to product design, architecture and art. The exhibition is an interpretation of today’s Dutch creative culture, striving to imagine the future through the present.

A multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together fashion design, architecture, art and product design, “Basic Instincts” opens at Villa Elisabeth on 30th June, 2011. After Berlin, the exhibition will tour several international metropolitan cities.

Initiator and commissioner of ‘Basic Instincts’ Premsela already presented the project at Voo Store on 23d March of this year. Their creative team is currently working on the final preparations for the opening in June. Luca Marchetti and Emanuele Quinz of mosign are the team’s creative curators, José Klap and Sandor Lubbe of Zoo Magazine its creative directors. Multi-artist Henrik Vibskov is responsible for the exhibition design and thus for the
transformation of the exhibition space at Villa Elisabeth, an institution for cultural projects since 1907 that is known for carefully selecting its partners.

“Basic Instincts” will be on view for one month, showcasing contemporary creative visions from the Netherlands. The focus is primarily on what lies behind the designs, i.e., the visions and ideas of the artists, which are translated into six different multidisciplinary landscapes, each conveying a specific part of Dutch design culture. Unlike fashion shows or photo shoots, the garments are not presented by models but form an intrinsic part of the landscapes.

In between the landscapes, five renowned Dutch artists are invited to occupy space, giving special clues on the conceptuality and aesthetics of Dutch contemporary creative culture through their work.

For four weeks, Villa Elisabeth will be transformed into a world of its own that will take visitors on a 360° journey through the spectrum of Dutch creative culture. After its launch in Berlin, “Basic Instincts”, which is a Premsela project co-funded by the “Dutch Design Fashion Architecture“ programme (DutchDFA), will be on view in different cities around the world.

Basic Instincts. Villa Elisabeth. Invalidenstraße 3. 10115 Berlin. Germany