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The State Of Things | Design Museum Holon | Holon 04 March - 15 May 2010

State Of Things Jo Meesters

"The State of Things," the inaugural exhibition of the Design Museum Holon, features more than 100 objects that collectively reflect issues concerning the practice, consumption and cultural impact of contemporary international design. Ranging from ordinary household items to life-enhancing and life-saving technologies, the objects in this exhibition reveal the same ingenuity and poetic quality evident in the new Ron Arad building that houses them. Each grouping of works represents a contemporary category whether through the materials employed, the concepts conveyed, or the uses intended, these objects reflect our times so acutely that they could only have been made in the last few years, and thus bespeak the current "state of things."

The inaugural exhibition at the new Design Museum Holon, Israel - designed by Ron Arad - examines the current State of Things; 'issues concerning the practice, consumption and cultural impact of contemporary international design.' More than 100 objects from international designers are featured.

Eight categories set the scene for the current State of Things: the works in New Essentialism reflect the unadorned, functional legacy of Modernism while Super Beauty, the opposite, shows the decorative potential of even the most mundane objects like for instance Joris Laarman's 'Wirepod' power outlet. Mutant Remix combines and remixes historical influences, for instance Maarten Baas' Chankley Bore brings together 1960s pop with space aliens. Of the Body illustrates the obsession of designers with the human body, Social Anxiety introduces design's relatively new engagement in global social issues such as terrorism, economic crisis and disease, products that seemingly design themselves or are intended to be 'hacked' by the end user are Beyond the Designer, Craft Economy examines the revival and redefinition of craft particularly for its potential to support economies of developing countries and Design Lab represents technological innovations in design.

The exhibition features an impressive list of international designers, including a large Dutch/Dutch-based contingency comprising Pieke Bergmans, Joost Van Bleiswijk, Maarten Baas, Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Jo Meesters, Damian O'Sullivan, Dick Van Hoff, Joana Meroz, Joris Laarman, Marcel Wanders, Jelte Van Geest, Janne Kyttanen, Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe.

The State Of Things | Design and the 21st centur. 04 March - 15 May 2010. Pinchas Eylon St. 8, Holon, Israel.