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Design Bazaar | Designhuis | Eindhoven 22 December - 28 February 2010

Ornamental Inheritance Jo Meesters From Wiel Arets to Marcel Wanders, from Artifort to Tichelaar, from tables and textiles to vases and lighting. From 22 December until 28 February 2010 the Designhuis in Eindhoven presents an overview of the best Dutch Design has to offer the consumer right now. Under the title of ?Design Bazaar? over 200 prominent Dutch manufacturers, brands and individual designers presents unique objects and (serial) products. Common denominator is: designed and in most cases also manufactured in the Netherlands. And actually for sale.

The Designhuis in Eindhoven opened its doors during Dutch Design Week in October 2007. Meanwhile a number of parties (Design Academy Eindhoven, Brainport, TU Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week and Designhuis) are jointly working on an updated set-up. This is expected to be realised by the first of March.

In the run-op to this new set-up, and as an interlude between two exhibitions, Yksi Ontwerp presents ‘Design Bazaar’, a presentation of contemporary Dutch Design. No concepts or prototypes but products that are actually for sale.

In ten rooms in the Designhuis an equal amount of categories will be displayed, like in a department store: chairs, tables, sofas, kitchen accessories, vases, textiles, shoes, lighting, handbags and jewellery. In choosing the selection, Yksi Ontwerp is assisted by a number of prominent persons in the world of Dutch Design, like Jan Jansen (shoe designer) and Chequita Nahar (jewellery designer) in cooperation with Galerie Marzee, Louise Smit, Rob Koudijs and Galerie Ra, Gijs Bakker (jewellery designer and founder of Droog), Inge Specht (shoe museum), Hoite Hoogendam (Vos Interieur Groningen), Frederik van Heereveld (Feek), Marijn van der Poll (independent designer), Monique Anker (Lensvelt), Jan Hoekstra (art director VKB) and Kamer 465.

In addition the exhibition ‘Iconen in beeld’ (‘icons in the picture’) can be viewed. Stichting de Negende will make visible and tangible the most distinctive persons, organisations and moments from the socalled Eindhoven Canon. There already is a book about this canon and a photo exhibition (with film pictures) was shown earlier. De Negende invited 23 designers to express their vision on those icons from de Eindhoven Canon. In an equal amount of new souvenirs of Eindhoven these designers tell the story of the city using contemporary technology.

Featured projects : Ornamental Inheritance & The  Cardboard Chair

Design Bazaar | Designhuis. 22 December - 28 February 2010. Stadhuisplein 3. 5611 EM Eindhoven | NL