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Glow 2009 | Bubbles Bites & Lights | Eindhoven 06 - 15 November 2009

PULP Lamps Studio Jo Meesters

For the 4th successive time, the center of Eindhoven will be the stage and podium for GLOW : A Forum Of Light In Art And Architecture. Running from 6 till the 15th of November 2009, works can be seen and experienced along the route, which are developed by artists and designers, showing different and experimental applications of light art and design which were developed by using new media technologies. This open air exhibition provides a fascinating spectacle of applied light art and design on landmarks and other unique locations.

The democratic culture considers the public spheres as the sources for the democratic process within a society. Publics are created by meeting and inter-acting of individuals in interest- or expertise-driven communities. Their agreements and conventions, assemblies and representation systems produce the public organism in which we live. „Being public“ is the subject of GLOW 2009 focusing - in the choice of artists and designers, parcours, locations and works - on the changing qualities of public spheres. Embodiment of the public spheres is urban public space as an open space without any access restrictions and as the space of open discourses and free shaping of collective opinions. Observing the ongoing changes in appearance and meanings of public space, gazes are directed to the fragile individual bonds to geographic locations and communities, to the segmentation of the public space by its commercialized use and to the missing link between urban planning and citizen interests. Present is a need for discussion and action, which is essential for the sustainable progress of democratic culture. To generate a public for these questions GLOW 2009 is an open source for collective experiences and a platform for shared discussions about present and future qualities, including their responsibilities and challenges.

Participating as a partner project of Glow, Bubbles Bites & Lights by Eat Drink Design is an exclusive pop-up exhibition bar, an innovative platform for the creative industries showcasing the regions creative talents. As a satellite of international cultural events, Eat Drink Design creates a temporary restaurant/bar, curates an exhibition and invent a project between the creative industries and other economical sectors, a cultural meeting place with added value.

Studio Jo Meesters will be participating in this pop-up exhibition with a PULP installation consisting of new works including limited edition PULP Lamps for Tools Gallery and PULP Small Cabinet.

GLOW 2009 | Bubbles Bites & Lights. 6 - 15 November 2009. Eat Drink design. Nieuwe Emmasingel 20. 5611 AZ Eindhoven. Netherlands