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Still Life | Geldrop 06 September - 31 October 2009

The Drilled Vase Jo Meesters

An exhibition of 45 unique art vases made by local artists and designers. The collection is expected to expand in the future to 99 art vases. The characteristic Castle of Geldrop near Eindhoven, dating from  1350, and the extremely beautiful country estate lend this unique exhibition an extra dimension.

Studio Jo Meesters created The Drilled Vase especially for this exhibition. Consisting out of many holes, The Drilled Vase is an experiment about ceramics and it's characteristics. The project is initiated by Vaasotheek.

Special thanks to Frank van der Linden & Peter Manders

Still Life. Castle Geldrop | Kasteel Geldrop. Mierloseweg 1 (Heize Entrance). 5662 KA Geldrop. Netherlands