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Non Object Ive | Lodz Design Festival | Lodz 15 - 31 October 2009

Lodz Festival

The contemporary ceramics exhibition titled Non Object Ive during Lodz Design 2009 will cover a wide spectrum of the newest ceramic output selected from the international survey showing progression of the ceramic medium in the milieu of the phenomenal design expansion. The exhibit will concentrate on ceramics, which represent the interface between art and design and new interpretations of industrial aesthetics, ready-made product, and the work, which combine new material and advanced methods of production.

Today, ceramics is an exciting and fermenting field affected by many new independent artists and designers, who use this medium without traditional restrictions being able to contribute fresh imaginative ideas and innovative solutions for modern life. This diverse output of contemporary ceramic design, interpretations of industrial product and works using ready-made ceramic, becomes an active component in the creative coexistence between art, design, craft and industry.

Public interest in design continues to grow in recent years and ceramic becomes integrated in the innovative process adding new vitality and meanings to the domestic life. Now, when the borderlines between all disciplines are blurring and vanishing, ceramic medium is steaming with fresh dynamic creativity forming new object revival. Rich history and long tradition of ceramic is being redefined and reshaped into a new modern commodity, filled with diversity of approaches and strategies.

It is evident that ceramic becomes a much larger field now, in which not only trained potters and ceramists have the monopoly on production of the clay objects. Ceramic materials and processes prove to be very effective in creation of low investment products, offering possibilities to collaborate with industry on short production lines and fast model making based on rapid prototype technology. Designs, which come from this collaboration, create a reference point between traditional craft processes and industrial methods, between singular object and mass production, between social status and functional necessity.

Non Object Ive | Lodz Design Festival 2009. Lodz Art Center. Tymienieckiego 3. 90-365 Lodz. Poland