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TESTLAB 02 | Studio Jo Meesters | Eindhoven 17 - 25 October 2009

TESTLAB Jo Meesters

From 17 till the 25th of October 2009, The Dutch Design Week will take place in the city of Eindhoven featuring the work of both established designers and newcomers. The Dutch Design Week is an ideal opportunity to find about the different facets of contemporary Dutch Design. During this week, Studio Jo Meesters will showcase products and experiments through exhibitions in different venues.

Studio Jo Meesters creates concepts and products based on the keywords of matter and traditional craftsmanship. The ongoing search for innovation in materials and techniques is the major drive of the design studio, which is considered a laboratory for product concepts. A laboratory focused on the research of new ways of material handling and the exploration of the boundaries of the intersection of craftsmanship and mass production techniques.

TESTLAB is about experiments and prototypes, exploring the possibilities of the materials and transforming them into new types of furniture and objects. New and existing work will be shown during the event held at Studio Jo Meesters.

TESTLAB 02. 17 October - 25 October 2009. Studio Jo Meesters. Kanaalstraat 8. 5611 CT Eindhoven. Netherlands.