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Redefining by Studio Jo Meesters | Paris 15 September - 31 October 2009

Studio Jo Meesters Redefining

Matter and Craftsmanship are key aspects of the work of Studio Jo Meesters. The ongoing search for innovation in materials and techniques is the major drive of the design studio which is considered a laboratory for product concepts.

A laboratory focused on the research of new ways of material handling and the exploration of the boundaries of the intersection of craftsmanship and mass production techniques. By integrating various aspects of craftsmanship and detailing, Meesters aims to imbue his projects and products with an emotional value. In this way, he emphasises his commitment to the creation and perception of a bond between object and user.

For this solo exhibition, special pieces were created for Tools Galerie which are : The Overgrown Bench, Crochet Pouffe, PULP Lamp and The Drilled Vase. Other pieces presented include the Botanical Vase collection which consists of vases made in white or amber resin with the process of stereolithography, Odds and Ends which are furniture pieces made from discarded wooden beams and leftover woollen blankets which are woven as upholstery, Redefining Genetics vase which is a reflection of the properties of SLS - Selective Laser Sintering, a Rapid Prototyping technique and Pulp a collection of vessels made out of paper pulp using discarded vessels as a mould.

Featured Works : PULP, Odds & Ends Bits & Pieces, Redefining Genetics and Botanical Ceramics.

Redefining by Studio Jo Meesters. 15 September - 31 October 2009. Tools Galerie. 119 Rue Vieille du Temple. 75003 Paris. France

Image : Collective Exposure