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Nest | Second Nature | Apeldoorn 12 April - 15 June 2008

NEST Jo Meesters

The concept of sustainability has by now taken firm root in the world of architecture and design. The preceding generation brought forth a number of trailblazers who tried to shake us up through manifest art expressions, designs carried out in materials of surprising, organic origin, or unorthodox sustainable energy-saving production methods. The awareness of the depletion of our ecosystem, of the fact that we are part of an entirely new ecosystem in which culture, urban planning and even economy function as dynamic elements capable of organic development, is a huge positive trigger for creativity and innovation.

Depletion-based thinking and the development of ideas from situations that initially looked paralysing, limiting, and restrictive appear to pave the way to genuine innovation and new authenticity.

Second Nature is the first of a series of theme projects named Nest. In the ACEC building, the brand-new, sustainably designed accommodation of the CBK Apeldoorn, Nest will disseminate the concept of sustainability from April through September 2008.

For Nest, Studio Jo Meesters will showcase PULP, a collection of vessels made entirely out of paper pulp using discarded vessels as a mould. The collection started as a research searching for alternative materials made out of paper waste.

NEST | Second Nature. 12 April - 15 June 2008 . CBK Apeldoorn . Roggestraat 44 . 7314 CL Apeldoorn | The Netherlands.