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D-compose | Material Sense | Hannover 21 - 24 April 2008

Pulp Jo Meesters D-Compose

D-compose will be the new traveling exhibition of Material Sense to be presented first at the Hannover Fair in Germany from 21 till the 26th of April.

Material Sense is a platform for materials that connects designers, researchers and industry to enhance materials developments. Examples, knowledge and information in the world of materials will be opened up and explored for those who search for new materials and new applications and embed the added value of materials usage. Connections between the different expertise will be made in order to actively involve partners and achieve the right materials applications as result.

The name Material Sense explains the importance of the sensorial qualities in the experience of daily life products and environment, and the meaning of materials within the entire and integrated design process. 

Studio Jo Meesters will be showcasing the PULP series and a new product made by Selective Laser Sintering Technology as part of the travelling exhibition D-compose. More details about the exhibit and products coming soon.