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Superstore 04 | Modefabriek | Amsterdam 20 - 21 January 2008

Superstore 04 Modefabriek Jo Meesters

A lively and positive demonstration to celebrate everything good and inspirational in nature. Stroll through the fruitful laboratory, and be inspired by this experimental garden where nature merges with sincerely man-made innovative design. Rousing sustainable solutions that the design industry could push forward for a smarter and friendlier future.

The need for trust in the motivation of creators and integrity in production and consumption presents a new role for the designer. Form and function take on a new meaning when the designer has to discover and set new boundaries again and again each time within the context of conservation and protection. By fostering natural processes, valuing the man-made and managing the industrial, a whole realm of new creations and inventions come about.
The Superstore 04, a trend forum in the form of a concept store, is a creation of the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, De Modefabriek and Uniquole Tentoonstellingen / PR Nederlands Ontwerp. At this season's fair, a unique and cultural theme is again at the heart of the store: natural origin and made-made creations hand-in-hand with high tech innovation. The great interest already shown by a number of dedicated and socially conscious designers underlines the significance of this new perspective.

Supporting this perspective, Vormgevingsbureau | Studio Jo Meesters will be showcasing PULP a new collection of vessels made out of paper waste. PULP is a collection of vessels made entirely out of paper pulp using discarded vessels as a mould. The collection started as a research searching for alternative materials made out of paper waste.  By combining other materials with pulp such as epoxy and polyurethane , a new material is born with it’s own characteristics leading to a series of vessels made out of paper that can hold water.

Superstore 04 | Modefabriek . January 20 - 21 2008. Amsterdam RAI . Europaplein 22 . 1078 GZ Amsterdam . NL

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