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No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips | Tokyo 31 October - 4 November 2007


During the Tokyo Design Week, held in Japan from 31st October till the 4th of November, 19 designers from Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be presenting work that illustrates the strength of Dutch design. The exhibition "No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips" will be presented as a still life, like those familiar to us from the "old masters", putting contemporary design from the Netherlands on display in a classically Dutch way.

The exhibition ‘No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips’, an initiative of Maarten Baptist and Margo Konings, puts 21 objects on display that stand as a symbol of this characteristic design mentality. The objects vary from furniture (such as the perforated chair Perf by Khodi Feiz and the stool Lost & Found by Demakersvan) and interior accessories (vase Botanical Ceramics by Jo Meesters in collaboration with Marije van der Park and Willem Derks) to household items (water bottle Waater by Tjep.) and jewellery (Trésor du homard & Les pinces et l’argent by Margo Konings).

These objects are presented as a still life, like those of the ‘old masters’ who painted during the 17th century: an artistic composition of objects. In ‘No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips’ the different shapes, colours and textures have been arranged and illuminated to resemble a modern-day ‘best room’; a three-dimensional painting of Dutch design at a high standard of quality.

‘No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips’ is part of NL4 Design, a programme of activities initiated by Brainport Eindhoven, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the BNO (the Association of Dutch Designers) and Premsela (the Dutch platform for design and fashion) to create an unequivocal and recognisable international profile for the Netherlands as a design country and to promote the export of Dutch design.

No Windmills, Cheese or Tulips . 31 October - 4 November 2007 . Espace 218 / L'eclaireur . 4-21-26 Minami-Aoyama . Minato-ku . Tokyo 107-0062 . Japan

Image : Maurice Scheltens