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Dutch Design Week 07 | Designhuis | YKSI Design Shop | Eindhoven 20 - 28 October 2007

Designhuis The DESIGNHUIS will be a platform where design is connected to art and technology in an inspiring way. With exhibitions, events, symposiums and a gift shop the DESIGNHUIS will become a place where design is presented to the world and will stimulate interaction between disciplines. International networking and exchanging knowledge and cooperation between creative sectors, knowledge centres and the business world are central to this goal.

A first for Eindhoven. Yksi opens a shop in the new Designhuis on 20 October. In a "fitting room" Flower Bureau Holland will show how designer vases look with a bunch of flowers; customers can check how a cap, a T-shirt or a broche looks on them and the buyer of a coffee cup can test their purchase with a Nespresso. Yksi Shop will sell mostly Dutch designs like products by Makkum/Tichelaar, Goods accessories and Moooi, but also by independent designers like Olav Slingerland, Lotte van Laatum, Nynke van Vliet, Jo Meesters and of course by Yksi Design itself.

All this will fit into a remarkable concept. The products will tie into the exhibition of the day on the one hand and be usable on the other hand. Customers will be able to test this right away in fitting rooms on which Yksi cooperates with various parties. The Bloemenbureau (Flower Bureau) for instance will arrange for flowers so that customers who want to buy a vase, can fit to see how that looks. Nespresso will provide coffee, so a buyer can test their new coffee cups and unique caps, jewellery or T-shirts can be tried on. Reykjavik publishers presents postcards and colouring books with pictures especially designed for Yksi Shop.

Het Designhuis | Yksi Shop . 20 October 2007 . Stadhuisplein 3 . 5611 EM Eindhoven