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Dutch Design Week 07 | Rapid Manufacturing Eindhoven | Eindhoven 20 - 28 October 2007

Jo Meesters By Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing, virtual information is translated into physical models, giving designers and artists rapid (tangible) insight in complex objects, and enabling them to realize small product series. These techniques are presented in the TNO building, near the TUE | Technical University Eindhoven.

Participating designers and artists:

Jo Meesters, Wouter Scheublin, Rinus Roelofs, Janne Kyttanen, PeLi and Christian Kocx.

vormgevingsbureau | studio JO MEESTERS developed a new vase in collaboration with Willem Derks using the material Alumide.

Rapid Manufacturing Eindhoven . TNO Eindhoven . De Rondom 1 . 5612 AP Eindhoven