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Dutch Design Week 07 | TuttoBeNe Shop | Eindhoven 20 - 28 October 2007

TuttoBeNe During the Dutch Design Week 2007, Tuttobene will host two different events. They are located in De Smalle Haven together with a variety of other presentations and events such as fashion shows, design-meals and parties.

TuttoBeNe will also run a design-shop with products of mainly formal Tuttobene participants: Jo Meesters, Frederik Roijé, Lotte van Laatum, Pieke Bergmans, Joanna Meroz, Damian O'Sullivan, bok.products, Alain Chennaux, DenHartogMusch, Marielle Wichards, Isabelle Quiroga, Sandro Aiello, and more...

De Smalle Haven | TuttoBeNe . 20 - 28 October 2007 . Smalle Haven . 5600 HD. Eindhoven