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Travels Through Paradise | Amsterdam 21 April - 27 May 2007

Travels Through Paradise

Platform 21 in Amsterdam has invited creatives to participate in the building of a train track in Amsterdam for an exhibition and workshop series called Travels Through Paradise. Travels Through Paradise is an initiative to create dialogue, collaboration and exposure of the world of miniature building, with the goal of creating a train track by creatives such as train hobbyists, designers, architects and building modelers, artists, writers, virtual gamers and filmmakers. The show will bring attention to this form of artistry and expose discussions about skill, expertise, passion and love for a medium that is very valuable in both the amateur and professional domains.

Miniature building is used in a multitude of fields, with various signatures or styles. Train hobbyists and manufacturers are one of its biggest user and support groups. Here miniature building is used to create a leisure activity and show extreme talent in the areas of imitation and technology.  Architects use it to build prototype models of contemporary and futuristic urban planning, artists have used it to critique the human condition and express other forms of perception, photographers use it to test the boundaries between reality and fiction, exhibition designers to disseminate propaganda and virtual gamers to make materialized models.

Platform 21 would like to bring together on one spot, this combination of miniature builders to build a vision of paradise.  This is a chance to create affiliations, conversation, and create an innovative network of miniature creatives. The completed landscape in all it’s various styles will then be exposed to the general public in a month long exhibition at Platform 21, celebrating a new form of miniature production.

For Travels Through Paradise vormgevingsbureau | studio JO MEESTERS teamed up with Harm Rensink and Jet Scholte creating Monochromia, a scenario case study about form, colour, structure and material.

21.04.2007 - 27.05.2007 Platform 21.Prinses Irenestraat 19.1077 WT Amsterdam.NL