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Industreal Presents First Cut | Milan 18 - 22 April 2007

Industreal First Cut

Cut, crop and trim in the world of design denotes the decisive movement that gives surfaces a shape (but often to emotions and intuitions too) through a precise and meticulous action in which cutting defines a border, an edge, thus creating the outlines of a shape.

Cutting, together with shaping, is one of the primordial phases of modelling. With cutting however, the flexibility of a material takes the place of malleability, the potential of each surface to bend in order to create a shape, or simply to adapt itself to a decorative criteria in which no part falls away like an off-cut, but on the contrary is kept intact enriching it with aesthetic meaning, symbols and dreams.

Having explored the expressive potential of rapid prototyping (In Dust We Trust 2004), having revisited the idea of models (Model Ideas 2005), having considered the expressive strength of a project dream (Dream 2006), this year Industreal has focused its research on the potential offered by laser-cutting, both in terms of precision and in terms of adaptability to ideas. The designer now has a pair of powerful scissors with which to cut, engrave or simply draw on any kind of surface. Furthermore, to emphasize the immaterial content of the projects, the exhibition shows all the models realised in an easy, transparent, ethereal material, similar to the stuff from which ideas are made, a material that plays with light and highlights those intangible concepts and emotions that all projects hold. In Industreal language, First Cut means artist’s proof.

In collaboration with Willem Derks, vormgevingsbureau | studio JO MEESTERS will present Slice and Cut for the First Cut exhibit.

April 18 – 22  2007 . Industreal | Fabbrica del Vapore . Via Luigi Nono 7 . Milano . 09.00 – 19.00